Written & Directed by Pippa Thornton

Starring Charlotte Hobbs, Jessica Sterling, Maia Tassalini Collins, Cleo Heywood & Toby Gibbs

Sound Design by Sam Sturtivant

Lighting Design by Joe Samuels

"Faultless and arresting performances in this clever and evocative piece. Flipside are clearly a company to watch."  

★★★★ Bath Echo

Presented in 2019 in association with the Rondo Theatre

You’re young, single, and you can still drink your body weight in tequila without feeling like your head is going to explode the next day. You’re a Fresher.

It’s 2019 and it’s going to be the best year of Holly’s life: new friends, new freedom, new ways of drinking and dancing into glittery oblivion. Everything would be great, if only she could keep her nightmares at bay... 


A dark comedy about student life, toxic friendships and modern day club culture.

Real Life

Written & Directed by Pippa Thornton

Lighting Design by Luke John Emmett

Stage Managed by Molly Campbell

Starring Charlotte Hobbs, Alexandra Ricou & Bethany Heath

"An imaginatively staged, witty and piercing examination of the vapidity of the world of social media; the cast are outstanding." 

★★★★ Theatre Bath

Presented in 2017 in association with the Rondo Theatre

In the age of selfies and social-media celebrities, FOMO and YOLO, it’s difficult to see what’s really going on behind the smiles.

Real Life is a comedy about self-discovery and friendship, blending new writing with devised physical theatre to explore the millennial preoccupation with social media. 

Get F*cked

Presented in 2019 in association with the Rondo Theatre

Created by Charlotte Hobbs, Rosie Howard, Jessica Sterling, Maia Tassalini Collins & Pippa Thornton

Lighting Design by Joe Samuels

A cast of vibrant characters negotiate the pleasures and perils of dating as young women, each with her own story: some shocking, some moving and some hilarious, but all with one thing in common: there are no strings attached! 

Get F*cked is a collection of new monologues presenting the female perspective on the one-night-stand. 

"An intriguing and original theatrical idea. These varied and thought-provoking vignettes make for a fascinating evening." 

★★★★ Bath Echo


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